Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Science Window

Science has never been my best subject as far as teaching goes.  I decided to make a concerted effort this year to improve my teaching of science.  So... I decided to have a science window.

My goal is to spark an interest in science related content.  I started by blocking off a section of our window just for science stuff.  I added some books and some stuff to observe like fossils, dead bugs in magnifying jar, a bird house, and bird feeder.   Then we added a worm farm.  Talk about a hit!  

It was surprisingly easy to do. I bought the worm farm from a local teacher supply store.  I dug up some dirt from my front yard, and sent my son to the bait store.  We added 4 live worms.  

Taking care of the worms was easy.  We had to keep the soil moist and add a few dead leaves once in a while.  We also added some chunks of apples.  We observed the worms for a few weeks until we decided it was time to release them in our courtyard.  The exciting part of the release was that there were still 4 live adult worms (Thank goodness!) and there was a baby!
I wish I had taken a picture of the baby, but I didn't.

We did some writing about our worm observations.  We read some worm related books like Diary of a Worm.  We ended our worm "unit" by making worm pudding.  We just used snack pack pudding cups, crushed chocolate graham crackers, and some gummy worms.  Delish!

One of our second grade science standards is that living things cause changes on earth.  By observing the worm farm, we could see how the worms help decompose waste, and they add air to the soil.  Overall, I think the kids enjoyed it.  Even I enjoyed it!!

Another feature that has been fun with the science window has been the bird feeder.  We actually started by making some bird feeders and hanging them in the tree outside our window.  It took a few days, but we finally had some visitors.  The squirrels enjoyed the food more than the birds.

Eventually we hung a window bird feeder to the window which has attracted lots of birds.  We even tracked how fast the bird food was disappearing!

All of this science stuff did sort of take over for a few days, but now it's not as much of a fascination. 

I am thinking of adding an ant farm to the window next.

What do you to to spark science interest in your classroom?

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