Monday, July 18, 2016

5 Fab Finds!

Each year, I love to add something new to my class decor.  I spend so much time in my classroom, I think it should be aesthetically pleasing to me and my students.  Plus, it's just fun to shop!

Look what I found at Five Below!

These are stadium seats that I plan to use as alternative seating.  There were a few colors available.  Since my classroom is mostly primary colors these blue and red work for me.

This is a mirror that I found in the clearance section.  I'm not exactly sure where I will hang it, but it was too cute to pass up.  You might not be able to tell in the picture , but it is about 16 inches tall.

I also got these globe lights.  Again, I'm not sure where they will go…maybe around a bulletin board?

This is a light up chalkboard sign.  I haven't tried writing on it yet.  I'm a little nervous about that.  I have a feeling whatever I write on there will need to stay because it doesn't appear that it will erase easily.  Still, it was one of those cutesie things I just wanted to get.

My last Fab Find is not from Five Below but from a thrift store.  I want to use lamps to light parts of the room this year.  I think the soft lighting has a calming effect in the classroom.  I already have one small table lamp in my room, but I found this one.

I think it will look cute in my classroom!  I have considered painting the shade or maybe just adding some accent ribbon on it.  Maybe I will use some fabric paint pens and write a message on there.

I can't wait to get back to my classroom and start arranging and decorating again!

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